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The video revolution is here

No.  Really.  For years you have seen advertisements on YouTube and even tried doing a few (or paying someone to). 

YouTube Ad results usually are disappointing because:

  • The Ad is targeted incorrectly (95% of them are)
  • The Ad sucks and is generic like a glorified slide-show with creepy stock photos
  • The Ad didn’t clearly direct the visitor to a call to action

The vast majority of online searchers are now going to click on the “video” instead of the “text.”  Get used to it.  In fact if you’re a local business like a .. plumbing biz etc you probably don’t have any competitors doing it so … big deal…?  Right?  Wrong.  While I’m not going to pitch you FUD (Fear uncertainty & Doubt) that your competition is going to take the initiative and beat you out of your lunch with spectacular videos I am going to emphasize that if you want to dominate your current market and future proof your marketing then it’s … SHOWTIME.

I always recommend businesses or institutions new to video start out with what we call cred videos.  Credibility videos are videos that aren’t fast a furious ads but slower paced spokesperson type videos that help prospects:

  • Understand what you are about
  • See a real human representing and talking about your business
  • Feel warm and fuzzy

The next phase would be advertisements which we can also help you with.  Video ads are meant to:

  • Instantly communicate what you offer to the prospect
  • Keep viewers attention for 15-30 seconds (on average)
  • Trigger an action such as calling you now and/or clicking on your website which leads to filling out a form – or calling / chatting with you
  • They are pure emotion and aren’t meant to drone on with details and are very different then “cred videos.”


... leaders

We have grown to a total of 30 team members at EngineX with 12 of them in the video studios.  These are the leaders that keep everything together.

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer manages all the actors and actresses.  She also knows her way around the Black Magic cameras very very well.

Jim Ellis

Founder and President of EngineX.  Jim has been involved in Multi-Media since College in 1988.

Olivia Voss

Acting, programming, Adobe After Effects genius... Olivia does it all.  Now a partner in EngineX.